I’m working on my NaNo update post at the moment, but I thought I would share a friend’s post for you so you can get a sneak peek at another author’s NaNo project 🙂 Enjoy! Will update this one with my link as soon as it’s done.


Hello Fam:) Well, it is Saturday! We made it to Saturday! (**Hear thunderous applause! Raucous laughter betwixt tears of joy!***) So, I thought I would give an update of how my first Nanowrimo experience was going!

Detailed account of a nervous breakdown!:O)

Disclaimer: Guys no matter the stress, I am loving the Nanowrimo experience, everyone is so fabulous and the support from all of you online and offline is incredible…a HUGE Thank-you!:)

When first signing up for Nanowrimo about what? 3 months ago. I just went in made my little account, briefly viewed some of the tabs that were listed, felt I had a good summary of what was going on, and then promptly forgot about it. Well, until, the notices began going out, and the jittery post, texts and Facebook updates filled with nervous LOL’s began surfacing about others who had decided to take the plunge. So, I was like “okay, its time” and…

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