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Before tonight’s episode starts and two people go home, let me fill you on how Team Jamie and Team Michelle are doing and give you a little recap of the performances last night.

As of the end of the knock-out rounds, Team Jamie was down 12 artists, while Team Michelle lost 10.

Team Jamie now has: Cody, Sylvia, Amanda, Cassadee

Team Michelle is: Brian, Dez, Melanie, Michayla, Trevyn and Adriana

Michela kicked off the show for Team Blake with “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” by Pink. I have to say, I usually love this girl and hate that she is not on my team. Still, I was really disappointed with this performance. I think the notes were just too low for her and she should’ve made a different choice. I will be fair and say I think there were technical issues going on with the mic.

Dez of Team Christina sang “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You” for the chance to move on. I liked it better than the previous performance, but it didn’t grab me.

Adriana sang “Good Girl” by Carrie Underwood. I gotta say, I was not a huge fan of this performance. I think she’s done a lot better. She did, however, really nail that bridge near the end and her performance was a lot of fun. Adam’s look when she came over to him was priceless.

Cody chose “The Best” for his performance and I love that! It was an interesting choice and I think he did pretty good with it. He kept getting stronger as the song progressed and is, to this point, my favorite yet.

Amanda was the first artist tonight to chose a song I’d never heard of.She chose a song called “Spectrum” and it was a great performance. I think she’s one of my favorites on my team; her voice is so strong and she’s versatile. I really hope she goes all the way in this thing.

Brian made a really wonderful song choice when he picked “Back to Black”. He did an incredible job and made me forget that Amy Winehouse originally sang it. He owned the song and is in my top 5 of the night.

Cassadee chose to sing “Behind These Hazel Eyes” and she did an incredible job. I love how she hit that note on “anymore”. Even Blake was looking shocked in the rehearsal footage of it. She managed to bring it.

Trevyn chose “When A Man Loves A Woman” for his performance tonight and, wow. I am SO mad I don’t have him on my team. He did a great job of it and I’m curious to see what else he may chose to sing should he move forward.

Melanie chose a song I never heard of called “Cough Syrup”. She has such an interesting voice and I think Adam has been really good for her. She’s seemed to have gotten better as the show has gone on.

Nicholas is singing “The Power of Love” tonight, one of my favorite Huey Lewis and the News songs. This man is probably one of the most unique artists in the whole competition. I really love his tone and song choices. I love this show for the fact this guy most likely wouldn’t have gotten chosen on another show.

Sylvia will be performing “My Heart Will Go On”. I think this is one of the most ambitious choices of the night. What an amazing job she did; she really nailed it and took Christina’s notes without making it too “Beyonce” as Xtina suggested. She walked the line.

Terry is last to perform tonight. He’s chosen “More Than a Feeling”, which is not surprising. I have to admit, I would really like to see him do something different, but he does do this type of music well. The high night near the beginning was insane, and so was the chorus.