A little NaNo update from my friend, Michelle Cornwell-Jordan. Congrats on your progress; that overnight write-in sounds like it was lots of fun. By the way…. we are still tied in the Virtual Voice challenge after last night’s eliminations. If you guys want to see what my NaNo progress is, please go to my author website blog and read my update and new excerpt… Til next time!


Hello Everyone! Today I am so pleased to be participating in The Next Big Thing Blog Hop! I was tagged by a double tag, so I thought I would simply do a combined post:)

The Next Big Thing Blog Hop is where authors spotlight a book or project they’re working on.

I first would like to give a HUGE thanks to Author Emma Meade of Under The Desert Moon and Night Sighs!





Author Caron Rider of the Silver Series!





The Next Big Thing

Q1: What is the working title of your book?

 Chrysalis is the name of my current project and it is actually a work I am completing through NaNoWriMo challenge this November.





Q2: Where did the idea for the book come from?

Actually, I’m not sure. I have always loved the Smoky Mountains, actually mountains in…

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