Wow…. I am in shock! Thanks to everyone who listened to the show this weekend! We appreciate it. Enjoy Michelle’s music feature on Mackenzie Porter to start your day off 🙂


Hello, Hello Fam:) Its Monday and around here that means music… So I love Mondays, but I will have to say this weekendwas incredible! During this weekend Music Artist Cecile Monique was our(Jamie B Musings and myself) guest again on IndieRveiew Behind The Scenes radio. We were throwing a spotlight on this incredible artist. It was her song Immortal Beloved that provided a theme for my characters Angel and Rafael. Besides the group Fireflight, Cecile Monique was my favorite go to music:)

Now the fun part, this interview that happened on Saturday November 24th was actually featured on Blogtalk’s Main Page under Staff Picks! This was exciting enough, It ran the entire weekend, and I have checked this morning and it has finally been removed from feature…but the artist Cecile Monique and the handy dandy screen shot captured it and you can check it out right here! Click the link…

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