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So, as you all may know by now, Michelle Cornwell-Jordan and I are in a Virtual Voice battle. NaNoWriMo is keeping her pretty busy, but I’m here to give y’all a recap of the performances and I will update this post tomorrow to let everyone know who got eliminated, so keep an eye out for that. Let’s start with Team Jamie’s performances…

Amanda Brown: “Someone Like You”

Wow. I really think she has a chance of getting through to the final and potentially winning. During the rehearsal footage, Adam suggested they do something really different with it. Did they ever! Amanda ended up performing a great rock version of the song and I really don’t get Xtina’s comments about feeling like she’s waiting to find out who Amanda is.

Cody Belew: Somebody to Love
I love Queen and this was an awesome song choice. It’s no wonder Cody is one of the three left standing on Team Jamie; this guy has an incredibly powerful vocal and he always puts on a great performance of top of it.

Cassadee Pope: Are You Happy Now?
Cassadee chose one of my favorite Michelle Branch songs to perform and I think it was the right choice for her. She sounded just as good, if not better, than Michelle. This girl has definitely found her genre, although should she continue, I would love for her to pull another “Over You” surprise.

Dez Duron: You Smile
This might be the only time I will not flat-out hate on a Justin Beiber song. I think Xtina was trying a little too hard with her comments, as he is her only contestant left, but he did a good job with it. I like how they totally changed it up and made it sound like an old-style song. I think that sound really works for him.

Trevin Hunte: Greatest Love of All
While I think he was a little too shaky at times during the low parts, he seriously nailed the big notes and put a lot of emotion into his performance. I’d love to see him to something completely out there should he continue; he plays it a bit safe at times.

Melanie Martinez: Too Close

Melanie is one of these contestants I really wanted on my time when I saw her blind audition. The thing I love about this girl is she is so unique. Yes, she reminds me vocally of a contestant from last season (Lindsay Paveo) but she manages to put her own spin on pretty much anything she does. And, yes, I am also a fan of the foot tambourine. Lol Her performance last night was really emotional and she did great with the big notes.

Terry McDermott: Over
Now, this was what I have been waiting for from him. He has such a strong, big voice and sounds like he was made to do 80s rock, but this is a competition and you need to throw in something different now and then to get people’s attention. I think he succeeded with that tonight. The best part was Adam turning to Blake after the performance was over and saying “So, that’s how that song’s supposed to be done.” Even Blake (the original artist) agreed with him.

Nicholas David: What’s Going On?
Have I mentioned how much I adore this man? Seriously, as much as I would love to see all my team members move on, if they don’t? I hope it’s cause of him. He has such an interesting voice and there is just this vibe about the guy. I can’t stop watching him when he performs.

So what was your favorite performance? Are you Team Jamie or Team Michelle? Do you wish one of the eliminated contestants was still in it instead of the ones that were voted through? Comment and let’s talk about it…