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And then there were four. The top 6 performed and viewers got the chance to vote on their favorites. Before we find out who left, let’s look at the performances from Monday’s episode. I’ll start with Team Jamie:

This week, each artist performed two songs. One was their own choice; the other was the choice of their coach. Amanda chose “Natural Woman” to perform and she rocked it. I loved her performance and was very surprised by the song chosen for her: “Here I Go Again”. I love this song and think she did it justice. I am really looking forward to an album by her.

Cassadee was given “Stand” to sing, showing her coach’s country bias. I’m not a huge fan of Rascal Flatts in general, but I do like that song and she handled herself well. Her choice was “I’m With You”, another favorite 🙂 It’s like I got to choose these songs myself! Anyway, Cassadee did wonderful with it, especially the high parts of the song.

Team Michelle’s Trevin made a bold statement with his song choice: “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going”. Will the viewers listen? Read on to find out. I will say, he made a great case for himself! Christina was fanning herself after the performance and needed to recover a moment before giving critique 🙂 His coach chose to have him sing “Walking On Sunshine” (a huge favorite of mine). This song is just so cheery and fun. Still, I got the impression Trevin wasn’t too comfortable with the choice during his performance, despite the fact he was able to hit some great notes. He disappointed me, though, when he chose to leave a very specific part of the chorus to the background singers.

I felt really bad for Melanie. She had a rough night of performances and I think she knew it. She just had this look on her face after that reminded me of how a skater looks coming off the ice after falling a few times in their routine. She started things off by choosing to sing “Crazy”. I will give her this much: even though I didn’t think the vocal was one of her best, she really does well presenting herself. I liked how she used the mini-piano in the first performance. Later, she sang “The Show” and it was one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. I dare you not to smile while watching. Sadly, once again, the vocals were not quite there.

Nicholas David was given “September” to sing and, as always, kicked butt with it. I really wonder why this guy was not more well-known before. It’s just wrong. He made a very interesting choice by singing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” for this second performance. This song is so difficult. It’s hard not to hear Judy Garland and judge the performer unfairly. Nicholas, however, was able to take this song and make me forget all about the original for the time he was onstage.

Finally, let’s talk Terry. He chose to sing “I Want to Know What Love Is” and held nothing back. While I like to see him do something a little different, this song perfectly showed off how amazing his vocals really are. I wasn’t too thrilled with the second song (“Stay With Me”) but he did it well.

So who got sent packing Tuesday night? I was shocked and very sad to see Amanda go. I really thought she had a chance at the whole thing. Not so surprisingly, Melanie was also eliminated from the competition. So, that leaves Team Michelle with Trevin and Team Jamie with Cassadee. Nicholas and Terry are also in the top four. So what do you think? Are you Team Jamie, Team Michelle, or do you prefer someone not on our teams? Do you agree with the results? Comment and let’s talk about it 🙂