Check out our interview with MacKenzie Porter. 🙂


Hello Everyone and Happy Monday! I am so pleased today, because I have the opportunity to share an interview that Jamie B Musings my fantabulous co-host of IndieReview Behind The Scenes radio and myself had with the multi-talented MacKenzie Porter!

Ms. Porter is a Singer/Actress, her most current project is“The Horses of McBride” which aired  this past Sunday Dec.16th on CTV  at 7pm!! The Horses of McBride is based on actual events and is very inspiring!

Ms.Porter was unable to speak with IndieReview Behind The Scenes radio due to she is presently on set shooting a movie until Christmas! But she was very gracious to answer a few questions for us, even with her busy schedule! We want to thank her for the opportunity to speak with her!

So please enjoy our chat!

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Raised on a cattle and bison ranch in Southern Alberta, MacKenzie began studying…

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