Well, we survived the apocalypse. As promised, I thought I would bring you my top three moments where the world almost ended on Buffy The Vampire Slayer…

3) Season 1: The Master rises. Joss and company started the series off strong when the vampire known as The Master decided he was tired of hiding in the church he’d been trapped in for decades. He plotted to use Buffy to give him the power to once more walk on the surface, intending to create a vampire utopia.

Unfortunately for him (but great for us), Buffy’s friend Xander came along and revived her with CPR. She then proceeded to kick some master butt and prevented him from opening the hell mouth.

This arc led to one of SMG’s best moments on the show when she finds out her death has been foretold. It also reached into the following season, when Buffy spent some time dealing with the fact she’d been dead for a time.

2)  Season 5: The Great Glorificus. I might be in the minority here, but I loved season 5 and its villain, Glory. They stepped things up a notch by having Buffy battle a God and deal with the possibility she’d have to sacrifice her sister.

Glory was a fun villain for me. She had a great mix of humor and downright menace.  She came thisclose to being the one villain in the Buffy world to kill the Slayer for good when Buffy realized she could sacrifice herself in Dawn’s place. Buffy stayed buried for a while before the scoobies performed a ritual to bring her back.

This season was one where the show had just gone through a rebuilding year. They lost several key characters the previous season, plus the school setting now that the gang had graduated. I think they did a great job and this season would’ve made a perfect ending to the story had UPN not bought the series.

1) Season 3- High School Really is Hell. Buffy had her share of run-ins with the principal of Sunnydale High since he came along during Season 1. Little did she know, he was about to pay for all the trouble he’d given her after Mayor Wilkins attempts an ascension.

This season had possibly some of the bet (and most complicated) bad guys to date.  What also made this one unique was Buffy and the rest of the gang all had a hand in making things worse. When Buffy essentially put all the blame on Faith for the accidental death of the mayor’s assistant, it was a turning point. The new Slayer was already on the edge and this seemed to push her over it. I see Faith’s alliance with the Mayor as her way of sticking it to people she felt betrayed her and finding a place to belong.

Faith’s quest for family would lead her to a fight to the death with Buffy, upping the stakes for the bad guy. His initial quest for power became a blood vendetta when he found out Faith would most likely not wake from the coma the fight left her in. This one battle, which ended in victory for the good guys, would have far-reaching consequences. Consequences that not only spanned seasons, but other shows as well.

So what do you guys think? Who were your favorite bad guys who almost ended the Buffyverse? Comment and let’s talk about it! I leave you with a song for the occasion: