I came across this song today and had to share. You might know Ashley from being part of the Pistol Annies. What you might not know is she was a solo artist before that and is currently getting ready to release a new studio album. Here is Ashley performing her song “I Don’t Want To” at the Opry back in 2007:

I loved that song when it came out. I wish she’d been more successful back then, but what can you do? She’s doing well with the Annies and I think that is going to really help her get the recognition she deserves. Check out this track she is including on her upcoming release, Like a Rose: 

I am in love with this song! The content is so true; we don’t get worse with adversity. We only get stronger. What do you guys think? Are you a fan of the song or no? Do you remember Ashley’s other song from when it was being played on CMT and GAC back when it came out? Comment and let’s talk about it.