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Today was the first episode of a new series on The Learning Channel called “Totally T-Boz”. Does that name sound familiar to you? It should. T-Boz is Tionne Watkins, a member of TLC (also known as the best girl group ever).

I was very interested in seeing this show, as TLC is one of my favorite groups ever. I was really excited to see what she was up to. The fact Chilli appeared in one of the promos was an added bonus. Now, I am sad I bothered to watch and think tons of Chilli may be the only thing that could make me watch again.

The episode centered around plans for projects to commemorate the group’s 20th anniversary. Excuse me while I let that number sink in. T-Boz says repeatedly in the episode she loves her group, but she seems to be completely wrapped up in her own solo project. She seems completely antagonistic towards those trying to get her to be serious and do what needs to be done, as a 20th anniversary only comes once.

If she seemed at all focused or serious about what she says she wants to do, I might have given a pass on this. Instead, she just goes on about how TLC can’t be her whole life anymore and running around acting crazy with friends and family who seem content to let her do so.

There were only a few people in there that seemed to really be trying to give T-Boz a reality check. One was, of course, Chilli. Another was TLC’s manager. Finally, there was the producer who called T-Boz out on not having been serious and flaking when she tried to work with him before. I hope one of them is able to break through. Doing your own thing is great, but you have something that will only come around once that could give more publicity to your own projects. Why waste the opportunity? Why not pay tribute to the group that is the only reason people know who you are?

Did you see the show? What do you think? Comment away 🙂