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There are quite a few episodes of this show I loved. In fact, I’m sure I’ve missed a bunch, but this is my quick top 5 after scanning the list of episodes. I might have to do another post in the future breaking it down by seasons. 🙂

5) Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been? (Season 2) Okay, I know there are fundamental problems with this episodes. Angel living among humans in the relative luxury of that hotel is one sticking point. Still, I have a soft spot for this episode. Angel takes a chance on helping a mixed-race woman in the 1950s and ends up getting burned by it. In the present day, he goes back to that hotel to take care of some unfinished business. I like the episode because I have a soft spot for that time period and it was cool to see them go back there. I also liked the actress who played the character Angel was assisting. It also delved into humanity’s own biases and fear of the unknown.

4) Spin the Bottle (Season 4) This episode finds Cordelia back from her little trip to the higher realms and clueless as to who she is. To try and help her, the gang performs a ritual that reverts the gang back to their teenage personalities. Considering how dark the show could get, it was nice to see them have some light-hearted episodes now and then. This episode gets bonus points with me for revealing Fred to have been a pothead conspiracy theorist as a teen and giving me a glimpse of the old, fun Cordelia.

3) Rm W/ A Vu (Season 1) The plot for this one revolves around Cordelia trying to find the perfect apartment. She finally finds her dream place, but realizes that there is a downside to her new place. I like the ghost story in this and Cordelia’s stubborn determination to hang on to the place at all costs. Seeing her give the big speech near the end where she informs her uninvited guest “the bitch is back” is a personal highlight.

2) Smile Time (Season 5) I once described this episode as one of the most drug-induced hours of TV I have ever seen and I love every second of it. I love the twisted humor of a demonic children’s show. I think we can all admit to finding at least one of these kiddie shows to be creepy and evil. This episode made me okay with Spike being around as well. The fight he and Angel get into in the elevator is comedy gold, as is the gang’s reaction to puppet!angel. If you haven’t seen this…. do it now.

1) Finally…. I have to call a tie. Five by Five and Sanctuary (both from season 1) are my favorites. Faith, having just caused a bunch of commotion in Sunnydale, has run off to LA where she gets hired by Wolfram and Heart. Her job? Kill Angel. These two episodes reveal more depth to Faith’s character and starts her on the road to redemption. The scene where she breaks down and begs Angel to kill her gets me every time.

So what are your favorites? Comment and let’s talk about it…