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Charmed was not a show I followed from beginning to end. I first started regularly watching it in Season 4 when they introduced Paige. Later, I caught the early seasons with Prue and liked the show even more. It made me sad to know Prue wasn’t going to stick around, since she was quickly becoming a favorite. Yes, there were backstage issues going on; I get that. One of the actors was going to have to go. Still, I think the PTB made the wrong choice. Here’s why:

5) I would love to see Paige interact with Prue. I think there would’ve been a neat dynamic between them. This is especially true once the younger witch decided to get more serious with her training. Imagine two intensely focused witches and their neurotic middle sister. Evil wouldn’t have stood a chance!

4) Given the future we saw potentially awaiting Prue in “Morality Bites” and how determined Prue was to change her life, she had more to offer story-wise. Plus, Prue was the more complex character given her issues with her dad, her mom’s death and need to take care of everyone.

3) On a more real-life level, Shannon was the better choice, as she was committed to making the show as great as it could be. Her directorial farewell (All Hell Breaks Loose) is considered one of the greatest episodes of the series. Plus, she was helping to push the show in a darker direction I thought really suited it.

2) Piper and Prue were basically supporting the house. Without Prue around, they would complain more about money issues. At let’s face it- when you have demons consistently destroying your house, you need the money. Bad.

1) Prue was not likely to get obsessed with her on-again/off-again demon boyfriend. Phoebe’s obsession with Cole nearly got them killed more times than I can count. The Cole plotline is also one of the fandom’s most hated storylines.

So what do you all think? Should Prue have survived? Did you like Pheobe? Comment and let’s talk about it.