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I got inspired to write this post by a story I’m working on at the moment. I’m going to skip some of the more obvious choices (“Before He Cheats”, “You Outta Know”) and bring you some different choices.

5) “Karma” by Jessica Andrews. This one is a cheesy and fun song about how what you give is what you get. She sings about a person who has written her off and is treating her like she doesn’t matter. I love the attitude she exudes in this one and it’s too dang catchy!

4) Miranda Lambert’s “Kerosene”. This girl has a rep for revenge songs and this was her first one. She sings about dealing with a cheating man and his new woman in her typical Miranda way.

3) Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River”. I love Timbaland’s sound and he helped Justin created a very haunting, moody backdrop for Justin’s ode to a cheating ex. It’s a bit of an obvious choice as well, but I couldn’t leave it off. It’s one of my favorite guilty pleasures.

2) Kelly Clarkson’s “Never Again”. Any song that begins with the narrator wishing the new woman’s ring turns her finger green has got to be a good one. This comes from her totally underrated My December CD. She shows off a harder rock style with vocals that are sure to cut right through you.

1) Melanie C “Going Down”. A friend introduced me to this song and I can’t help but love it. It’s got so much attitude and a very hard, distorted sound. She’s pulling no punches as she declares “From this hitch, I’ve become a superbitch”. I really wouldn’t want to be the one who inspired this song: