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So, one of my new favorite shows returned last night and I’m here to talk about what happened. If you haven’t seen it and want to stay spoiler-free, check out clip of “Deacon” getting ready to play at the Opry and go no further:

So, let’s start by talking about the main characters, Rayna and Juliette. Rayna is angry, having recently found out her husband was involved in shady business dealings. Put that together with her total lack of enthusiasm for his Mayoral campaign and other issues, and you have a whole lot of drama. She decides to get away from all of that by agreeing to tour with Juliette. The song they did together is performing well, which also figures in to her decision.

I have to pause here and say I was taken out of the moment here by one little detail: She wants to start the tour Sunday. They don’t give an actual timeline, but there is the definite impression that there is not a whole lot of time passing in this episode. I’m wondering how on earth they are actually pulling an arena tour together on such short notice. They must have some dang good people working with them…

As for Juliette, she’s gotten married! She proposed to her football player boyfriend after his mother says she is never going to be a part of their family. They went ahead and eloped, much to everyone’s surprise. His mother insists that they must also have a church ceremony and jumps head-first into planning. Juliette goes along, while also preparing to leave for the tour. One little issue: She never told him about it first. Given next week’s promos, Juliette won’t be married long. I think it’s mostly due to her own mother. Juliette went to the rehab facility to tell her the news and get a less than enthusiastic reaction.

So what was up with everyone else? Deacon is on tour now with a big-name band and having some fun with the reporter covering them. Avery was excited about his record deal prospects until he finds out that they only want him instead of his band. It’s a typical story, but Avery doesn’t do the typical “right thing” and abandon his deal to stay true to his friends. Instead, he fires them and a big fight ensues. It also ruins his blink-and-you’ll-miss-it reconciliation with Scarlett.

In other Scarlett news, she ends up taking her ex’s place during a gig and does such a good job, they want her to keep playing with them. They also like the fact she writes as well. It looks like she may just join them while also carrying on her now awkward partnership with Gunnar. I really hope those two do keep working together. Their songs are my favorites on the series.

Finally, we discover that Rayna’s husband is not the biological father of Maddie. It should be interesting to see how this all plays out. So what do you think? Did you enjoy the episode? Who are your favorite characters? Comment and let’s chat about it.