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BSCSo, that nostalgic mood of mine hasn’t gone away and I decided a series about some of my old favorites would be good. I’ll be taking a second look at them from a new perspective. I decided to start with BSC #18: Stacey’s Mistake. It’s the most recent one I’ve read.

Where to start with this one? For those who haven’t read the series yet, let me start by giving you a BSC crash course. The series is about a group of 12-year-old girls (who age to 13 early on in the series and never age again) who form a baby-sitting business. Kristy is the bossy tom-boy leader. Claudia is a horrible student, yet a great artist and dresses really strange. For some reason, everyone thinks her clothes are cool. (yes, I was guilty of that at the time, too.) She is vice-president of the club. Mary Ann is the secretary and she recently got her widower father to stop making her wear her hair in braids and allow her to de-baby her room. Dawn is the alternate officer-turned treasurer who comes from California and refuses to eat anything but health food. Finally, we have Stacey. She’s the former treasurer who moved away several books earlier when her father was transferred back to New York. Stacey is very proud of being from New York and is considered the most sophisticated member of the club. 

In this book, the adults in Stacey’s neighborhood have decided they want to do something to try and help the homeless. The only problem? In order to hold their meeting, they need to find sitters for 10 kids. BSC to the rescue! ::cue cheesy music::

Stacey has convinced her parents to let her friends stay with them for the weekend so there will be plenty of sitters available. Here is where the story really gets started. The trip is a disaster and I don’t know who should get slapped hardest.

Back when I first read this series, I loved Stacey and Claudia. I thought they were the coolest of the group and I wanted to look like them. I even got a perm, thinking I would be totally styling- just like Stacey.

I was wrong. So, so wrong...

I was wrong. So, so wrong…

Now? I still like Stacey for the most part, but she was really bad in this one. From the moment she finally meets up with her friends at Grand Central, she is annoyed with them all. Now, I admit she probably had some reason to be. They did wander off and leave her waiting for them at their agreed meeting spot for about 20 minutes. Still, her attitude was a little unwarranted there. She immediately yells at them for not waiting where they were supposed to and starts picking on Claudia’s monster suitcase. Has she not met Claudia? Besides there are much better reasons for her to hate on them later.

Case in point? Dawn immediately starts acting like she forgot to take her medication that day. She is completely paranoid and convinced killer gators are going to jump out of the sewer to eat them at any moment. No, that is not an exaggeration. She also flips over seeing a rat on the street and spends the whole first night there obsessing about the safety of the elevators in Stacey’s building and asking Stacey’s New York friends about fire escape access.

Mary Ann is obsessed with New York. Seriously- if she could marry a city and have its babies? She’d choose New York. She starts reciting guide books from the minute they step off the train and spends the party with Stacey’s New York friends asking them how many times they’ve ridden on a ferry or seen a particular attraction. They are not very impressed. Mary Ann must sense that she’s lost them, because she starts making fun of Dawn’s NY paranoia to entertain them instead.

The problems don’t stop there. Claudia and Laine (Stacey’s best friend in NY) end up being completely jealous of each other, leading to a fight. I must stay it’s one of the funnier moments for me. Claudia starts it by calling Laine out for fighting with Stacey when Stacey lived in NY previously. Laine doesn’t miss a beat. She says: “And you’re the one she had the fight with when your little club almost broke up.”

Laine: 1 Claudia: 0

The least offensive member of the club in this book was Kristy. She may have been a bit stupid about city life (She almost pulled her wallet out in the middle of the street for a begger), but she was the least psycho about being in the city. Plus, she gets sympathy points for Claudia cutting in on Kristy when she finds a cool guy to dance with. If you know these books, you know that is a huge deal. Especially at this point in the series.

Stacey spends most of the book looking down on the members of the BSC and acting all superior because she’s from the city. It gets old pretty fast. I seriously don’t know who to like in this one, so I will say Laine. Not only for the way she handled Claudia, but for being the most reasonable and mature character in the whole thing.

If you know this series, you know all ended well and everyone came to their senses. The club members pulled it together to babysit the kids and even had fun with each other. It’s a fairly entertaining read, if you have your suspension of disbelief hat on. I mean, you need one to buy parents letting a group of 13-year-olds take their children out on the town in NYC. And the curiousness of all the girls writing postcards when they’ll be home in a couple of days. Overall? I give this book a 6 on the “killing my memories scale”. (1 being worst, 10 being best)

So what about you? Did you love this series? Who was your favorite? Have any other old faves you want to talk about? Comment away…