I fell in love with Spanish music back in the late 90s and thought I would share a few of my favorite songs. Check out my list and feel free to share your own! I’d love to hear about them.

5) “Gracias A Dios”, Thalia. This song, from her En Extasis CD, is a fun, light-hearted song about being thankful for the one you love. The video is a bit out t there, but I still love the song. 🙂

4) “No Me Ames”, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. Okay, this one is a complete guilty pleasure. My dislike of J LO does little to kill this song for me. It’s just a nice track and they actually sounded pretty decent together.

3) “Te Extrano, Te Olvido, Te Amo”, Ricky Martin. You almost don’t need a translation for this one. You can hear the sadness in it.

2) “Ladron”, Jennifer Pena. This track is a song about a girl done wrong and it’s my favorite off this album. If you haven’t heard her CD Dicen Que El Tiempo, you need to. It’s one of her best works and fairly diverse.

1) “No Me Queda Mas”, Selena. How could I put anyone else at the top of my latin tracks list? Selena was the one who introduced me to the genre. When “I Could Fall in Love” came on the radio, I had no idea who this singer was. I just knew it was one of the prettiest songs I ever heard. I wanted to hear more from the singer, so I checked into who did the song and got introduced to her catalog. I’m just sad I wasn’t made aware of her music much sooner.

This song deals with loving someone you’ll never be able to be with.