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with a cheating guy in her new video. She teased this one awhile back with a small clip, and now here’s the whole thing:

So, let’s talk the song first. In it, a man is juggling both a wife and a girlfriend. This is probably Carrie’s most daring lyric. She’s sung about bashing in headlights, but this time she’s talking offing the guy who done them wrong. Her vocals are, as usual, awesome. I love the big notes she hits, especially the big one near the end. I also like that her vocals are full of anger, while also displaying a little bit of vulnerability. The dark instrumental is a great match.

As for the video, it looks like she’s getting very ambitious with this new album.  Both this and the video for “Blown Away” are big productions on a higher level than a lot of her past videos, with the exception of “Just a Dream.” It also seems that Carrie is feeling very theatrical with this album as well. “Blown Away” was Wizard of Oz inspired, while this one gives off a Stephen King vibe. If you watched the video, you know what I mean. The visuals and the music come together to create a video that is a step above many others out there.

So what do you think? Did you see the King connection in this video? Comment and let’s chat about it.