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Today’s show was quite the experience. I had a hard time calling in, as did our guest for the day. Also, I ended up losing the call part way through the interview. I guess with all the wonderful things technology can allow us to do, you gotta have a few bumps in the road now and again.

Thankfully, we did get to chat with Lawna today and it was a great conversation. She told us about being a pantser, her thoughts in the indie publishing world and so much more. Check it out here.

Knowing there were some issues happening, we quickly improvised and Michelle pulled out a song by the awesome Aoede you can also hear in this broadcast. She’s an award-winning indie musician who we’ve spoken with before and I can’t wait to chat with her again. I’ll leave you with one of her older songs from her youtube page. Enjoy!

What do you think of the songs? Did you enjoy the interview with Lawna? Comment and let’s chat about it.