I thought it would be fun to do a little love/hate thing about different shows and movies. I decided to start with Buffy’s 6th season because it’s my least favorite, yet I also love things about it. It’s such a complicated relationship… 🙂

season 6

6) The opener. Now, I get  that the Buffy bot was, in some ways, necessary. They didn’t want the demons to realize the Slayer was gone and Dawn to get shipped off somewhere. Still, I found it very creepy considering how the bot came to be. I also wondered why, if a demon biker gang has almost destroyed Sunnydale, are people still living there. It was just… odd.

5) The Scooby Gang. It’s kind of funny, considering how much I didn’t like Buffy (the character) the next season, but I actually liked her this season while hating most of the gang. I found the Scoobies to be nasty and selfish through a bunch of the episodes. They just assume that Buffy must be in Hell and it’s their duty to bring her back. When they do, they pretty much get wrapped up in their own lives while leaving Buffy to try and cope with crushing debt, a sister to raise and slaying with little help. They also fail to recognize just how deeply depressed she is.

4) “As You Were”. The episode where Riley returns irritated me for reasons other than the fact I didn’t like the character. I also didn’t like how it was a showcase for how awesome Riley’s life is now so Buffy can feel even worse about herself than she already did. It seemed a bit unnecessary. Plus, did we really need to see anything related to the Initiative again?

3) Anya and Xander breaking up. I know that Joss loved the drama, but couldn’t one couple on this series have been happy? I liked the wedding episode up until the point where Xander takes off, even knowing that all the stuff he saw was an illusion.

2) Tara’s death. Tara was kind of just there for quite a bit of her run on the show. She was the one who didn’t really want to make waves and still very shy. However, by mid-season 6, she was really growing into an enjoyable character. She grew a backbone and stood up for herself while still remaining committed to the Scooby Gang. Plus, she was becoming a steadying influence in the group. It felt like the show really needed at lease one person in that group with their head on straight. Especially since Giles left.

1) Willow, the Magical Crack Addict. I can’t even begin to say how much irritation I have for this story arc. First off, magic was never portrayed in that way previously on the series. Secondly, it was so stereotypical. You had Willow showing up to some textbook drawing of a crack house to deal with some slimy dealer who would give her a magical fix. There’s even the requisite car accident while driving under the influence that leads to Willow crying for forgiveness for having hurt Dawn. It just didn’t sit well… I felt like I was watching an afterschool special instead of Buffy.

The worst part was, they didn’t need to go that route. Willow was already set up to be a perfect modern tragic hero. She learned she had a gift for magic, became arrogant about it and ignored Giles’ warnings not to attempt certain things before she was ready. Plus, she was clearly power hungry with a chip on her shoulder. She was determined ever since the High School years ended to prove she was “cool” and not the same old loser she’d once been. Plus, she was almost giddy about the idea of subbing for Miss Calendar and having the power to give detention.

So what do you all think? Did you love this season? Hate it? Agree or disagree with any of the points here? Comment and let’s chat about it!