I saw this earlier today on the AOL Music blog and had to share it:

In case you had trouble listening, this is Jewel and Kelly Clarkson singing Jewel’s “Foolish Games”. Read more about how this came about it here. I absolutely fell in love with this version of the song. I love great job withd their voices together and Jewel did a her new vocals. I think Kelly added a lot of emotion with her vocals as well.

It makes me curious about the rest of this CD. I think it would be great if all the tracks were done as duets. It would definitely put a different spin on the never-ending parade of Greatest Hits CDs out there. Am I right?

So what do you guys think? Did you enjoy the new version or do you prefer the original? Are you looking forward to seeing what else Jewel might have in store with the new release? Comment and let’s chat about it.

Check back tomorrow for some talk about the new FX show “The Americans”. I’m watching now and am very excited to see if this is going to be added to my weekly viewing schedule.