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If you haven’t heard of it, there’s a new show on FX called “The Americans”. Since there was no new Nashville last night, I decided to check this out instead. It’s a spy series that takes place at the beginning of Reagan’s presidency. Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys play Elizabeth and Phillip Jennings, a couple living in Washington with their two children.

The twist? Elizabeth and Phillip are actually KGB agents who were paired together and sent to the USA almost two decades before. They appear to be a nice, normal couple (Elizabeth even bakes brownies for the new neighbors), but they’re actually trained fighters with a loyalty to Mother Russia.

The series begins with a mission that almost gets botched and the action never really stops. The premiere goes back and forth between the 80s and 60s, showing us how the pair came to be together and their early days of training. It also goes back and forth between The Jennings family doing normal, all-american activities to the parents engaging in their secret duties.

I think the best part of the series is the dynamic between Elizabeth and Phillip. He’s actually starting to enjoy the American way of life and cares deeply for Elizabeth and the kids. Elizabeth, meanwhile is a hard-core loyalist to Russia and ignores his arguments for defecting. Complicating things further is the FBI agent who’s just become their neighbor. He’s already beginning to get suspicious of The Jenningses and ends up sneaking into their garage one night to check things out.

Great acting and a dark, cinematic feel make me enjoy it even more. They use 80s music as well to set the scene, like this one:

It may not have been released at the time the show is set, but it fit the mood and action perfectly. Just be aware, this is a spy series on FX- there is plenty of graphic footage in it that some may not enjoy.

So did you check out The Americans last night? What did you think of it? Comment and let’s chat about it…