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It’s no secret I am a huge Pink fan, so when I saw that her new video, “Just Give Me a Reason”, was out, I had to go right to her Vevo to try and watch. Note that I use the word “try”.

Seems that the internet connection is not my friend at the moment. I was able to get to the last minute of the 4 minute-long clip before the connection decided to turn against me and freeze. The scene is frozen now, shockwave flash giggling at its mean trick. I want to share it for anyone not as tech-challenged as myself. Enjoy!

First off, let’s talk the song. This is not one of the tracks I singled out when I reviewed the CD, but it has definitely become a favorite over time. I love the way Pink and Nate sound together, their voices are a great match. The song tells the story of two people in love who can’t seem to get the whole communication thing right. She thinks there’s a problem while he’s “talking in his sleep”, while he’s thinking everything is good between them. The upbeat tempo adds an interesting, almost hopeful vibe to the song while also communicating a sense of foreboding.

So what about the video? First off, I love the simplicity of the shots where Pink and Nate are singing to each other. It communicates the vulnerability of the lyric, and the reality of the conversation that’s happening. It mixes nicely with the surrealistic imagery of Pink in a bed surrounded by smoke/water and clutching a teddy bear with lit-up eyes that represents those bad dreams. The final shot makes me feel hope that the situation is going to be resolved.

So what do you guys think? Did you love it? Hate it? Were you hoping for another song to be a single? Comment and let’s chat about it!