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Back in middle school, I watched a movie called “Hello Mary Lou, Prom Night 2”. Now, I already kind of liked old doo-wop songs thanks to my mother and uncle listening to Magic 102.7, but this movie got me even more into the era and the music.

It dealt with a girl who is burned to death at her own prom. There were a few scenes set back in the 50’s and other scenes that featured the clothing and the music of the time. I couldn’t help but get caught up in the style and asked for a pair of saddle shoes. I also started listening to the old music more and ended up especially liking this song:

I think it’s interesting that even some of the saddest songs back then could sound so… happy. Here, Dion (and the Overtones now) was singing about a girl who broke his heart by not staying true. He felt so betrayed, he felt the need to warn everyone he could about her. Still, there is an upbeat quality to the song that makes you want to get up and dance.

Before I get into what I think of the cover, I want to take a moment to thank Emma for bringing them to my attention. She mentioned their cover for “For the Longest Time” in this post.

It’s interesting listening to this back-to-back with the original version- they’re so similar, yet so different. This one has different members of the group trading lead during different points in the song. I think they sound really great together and managed to keep the spirit of the original track. The only thing that was not working for me was the deep vocals in the “she likes to travel around” part. Overall, an awesome rendition. Now, please excuse me while I go and check out some more of their videos! 🙂

Do you like this song? Love the Overtones? Don’t get the appeal? Comment and let’s chat about it!