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So, it looks like another edition of Alexz Johnson’s “The Basement Recordings” is coming out. If you haven’t heard of it, these albums are a collection of tracks that Alexz and her brother wrote and recorded before and during the Instant Star days. Some were also written for Alexz’s major label deals that fell through.

This one includes an Instant Star pitch and one of the leaked tracks that have flooded Youtube. Despite all of the songs that are out there, Alexz still manages to give listeners fresh material. Of the samples released, there is only one I have heard of so far. I’m very excited to hear the rest of these tracks when the album is released later this month.

This is my favorite so far of the samples:

It’s called “At Your Door”. I loved the hard sound; It works really well with her voice. What do you guys think? Do you like one of the other samples better? Comment and let’s talk….