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Okay, I know that sounds pretty geeky. I’m in that kind of mood this afternoon- must be the budding bronchitis I had to try and fight off last night. When I start feeling a little bit better, I get giddy. Breathing is good, y’all.

Anyway… it occurs to me that, due to a host of medical issues in this house, I haven’t really blogged in days and I totally need to remedy that. Especially since I have been planning a great new blog schedule for you guys. Sadly, I have missed my first day of it 😦 What am I going to do? Well, how about a little two-for-one post? Let’s start with a new release that I am loving right now:

It’s called “You Ain’t Dolly (And You Ain’t Porter)”. Ashley duets with Blake Shelton on this playful, old school track. If you want more background, check out this article from USA Today

I am really loving the old country feel of this song and the way they sound together. This song, plus the couple tracks Ashley shared on her youtube, are making me very excited to hear what the rest of her album sounds like. The lyrics are cute and tell the story of two people who meet at a Karaoke bar and sing a song together. I love the reference to a Dolly song and The Voice in there.

As you may have seen on here, I have a couple of new TV addictions. The first being Nashville, the nighttime drama about life in the country music world. It’s not on tonight, unfortunately, but that just gives you a chance to check the ABC site to catch up! 🙂 If not, well… you may skip this part, cause there will be some spoilage for both shows.

I think my favorite character and storyline at this point is Juliette. She’s trying so hard to break away from that squeaky-clean teen-friendly thing she’s trapped in. She’s got no illusions about her public image now and knows it’s time to grow up, despite all the opposition she’s facing. I love how Juliette’s way of “growing up” is to simplify her stage show and write some more mature material. It’s a refreshing change from all the real-life singers out there who think dancing around with almost nothing on and singing about sex means you’re grown up now.

I am kind of so-so on Rayna right now, but I am hopeful that she might become a more interesting character now that she’s getting divorced. I think she and her husband are not a very interesting combination, so hopefully they will be able to grow and get some great stories out of this divorce.

I really don’t know what Scarlett is thinking right now, allowing her partner to hide his fugitive brother in the house. I’m kind of annoyed that he even asked that question. They are getting some amazing opportunities right now and that could potentially mess things up. I do, however, love the new song they’ve come up with.

As for The Americans… wow. I really enjoyed this episode. I think the scenes with Elizabeth and Phillip were wonderful; especially that final heart-to-heart at the end. I really hope more people start watching this one, because it’s so well-done. I In this episode, we learn that Elizabeth has been carrying on an affair with an asset named Gregory. I liked this development for two reasons. One, the explanation for everything brought another dimension to her character. It helps to soften her a little further from the hard character she was in the premiere, and feels so real. She was very young when they were put together by the KGB; it must have been overwhelming to be put together with someone and moved to another country. That’s how she dealt with it.

I loved the tension in the scenes where Phillip was trying to convince that housekeeper to plant the bug, as well as the scenes when he realizes that she hadn’t done it the first time. His anger and frustration was obvious. I also loved the chess game that continues to go on between him and the FBI agent. Overall, another great episode. Looking forward to what’s in store for tomorrow.