So, the first week of my new schedule for the blog is almost over. Today is a free-for-all day. I could talk music, books, movies, host tours- everything goes! I thought I would spotlight one of my favorite songs from Craig David. I used to have this one on a mixtape. Unfortunately, that tape is long gone. Still, my love for this song remains:

I love the runs he does in this song- they add a cool vibe, without being overbearing. This is definitely something some other singers could learn from. His voice is smooth, and the music is nice and mellow. The lyrics talk about a guy who’s had enough of the drama someone brings him, so he decides to leave it all behind and make a better future.

I love the message of the song; it’s totally part of my own personal philosophy. I’m just surprised that he hasn’t really had more mainstream success here in the States. I guess you just never can tell what’s going to hit in big and what won’t.

What do you guys? Are you a fan of him and/or the song? Have another singer you think is much better? Comment and let’s chat about it! Can’t wait to hear what you guys think. See you tomorrow with some Indie Review Behind the Scenes!