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Today, I’ll be featuring a tour stop for published.com. The title of the book got my attention, so I read one of the excerpts and signed up for the stop. Let’s start by introducing you to the book…


large-coverMurders, Bikers, and a Meteor! Is a collection of four dark tales ranging in genre from crime drama to science fiction and horror.

Join a young couple in the 1950s as they investigate a mysterious meteor crash in
Arizona’s Sonora desert, and an extraterrestrial encounter leaves one of the kids with a whole different view of life and death. Or take a ride with a notorious motorcycle gang as their path crosses with an unsuspecting small town sheriff on a hot and humid Ozark Mountain day. See what happens when an innocent man answers his phone and finds himself thrust into the dysfunctional world of his drug addict roommate, and a prostitute.  Take a late night road trip under a full moon with a high school student down a desolate highway that his parents had warned him not to take … He should have listened to his mom and dad.

What I Thought

This collection reads almost like a cautionary tale, much like horror movies. Most of the characters fall into dangerous addictions and/or situations that have big consequences.

One of my favorites was the story of the hippie stoner who ignores his parent’s warning to avoid a certain road while on a road trip. The young man thinks he knows better and decides to use the road anyway, despite the disappearances that have happened there. He comes to regret that decision when he comes across something beyond his imagination.

Another great story featured a guy nick-named Axl, due to his resemblance to Axl Rose. His life is turned upside down when he answers a call for help. His friend is stranded after he let a prostitute take his car and hasn’t seen her in hours. Axl agrees to help and lands himself into an interrogation room.

One of the things I loved about this collection was that it was a short, easy read. It’s perfect for settling in for a rainy night. Author K.J. Klimasz infuses the stories with suspense, building tension gradually- it made me anxious to finish and see what happens. Overall, a fun read. I think people who are into murder strories and tales of the unexplained will enjoy it. Don’t take my word for it, though- there is a link at the bottom where you can read excerpts.

Author Bio

K.J. Klimasz lives with his wife and their three kids in the same small town both he and his wife grew up in about thirty miles away from St. Paul, Minnesota.

K.J.s’ favorite sport is hockey and he volunteers as a goalie coach for the youth hockey program in his hometown. He also enjoys fly fishing. Bass and Musky are his local favorites, but Bonefish and Tarpon off the coast of Belize are his all-time favorites.

Family vacations are important to K.J. and his wife, and they try to take family vacations twice a year but usually settle for one.

K.J. has worked as a machinist, a carpenter, and is currently working as a toolmaker building and repairing plastic injection molds.

Author website + excerpts