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Well, my other favorite show, Nashville, was not on this week. That means I will only be talking about the latest episode of The Americans. If you haven’t see the episode yet, be warned: this contains some spoilers.

Following last week’s episode where Elizabeth and Phillip seem to be turning a corner, tensions rise again following the attempt on Reagan’s life. Elizabeth and Phillip are part of the mission to out whether or not the KGB will end up getting blamed for the shooting. There is also concern the assassination attempt could lead to instability and a takeover of the Presidency.

While she is more inclined to think like the KGB and is concerned, Phillip ultimately tells her he feels these fears are unfounded. He thinks that after all these years in the country, she still doesn’t understand the American people and how things work. He insists on holding back a questionable recording that she wants to send to their higher-ups, ultimately proving to be right. They find out from the friendly neighborhood FBI agent that a delusional Jodie Foster fan is behind the whole thing.

The paranoia wasn’t completely unfounded, though. They did explore the possibility the KGB was involved- still, it was interesting to watch Phillip take the lead and dictate to her how they were going to handle things. I also liked how they gave us more insight into FBI agent Chris’ home life. It’s been severely hampered by the line of work he’s in, and his wife is having trouble with the pressures of his job and what it means to their relationship. I’m looking forward to them exploring that further later on.

I leave you now with a clip from the episode that was shared on their Facebook page:

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