I have always had a soft spot for pop music, but I did get into some dance music back in the day. This was mostly due to my dance class, where we listened to songs like this while doing our stretching exercises:

Ever since I first heard that, I was hooked on that song. The line “rhythm is a dancer” just really speaks to me- it’s a great hook, almost poetic. Yes, I know that sounds really geeky, but I stand by it! While I haven’t danced in a long time, I do still love watching skating because of the dance aspect. I have also been known to catch the occasional episode of Dancing with the Stars.

I loved the vocals in here, and the beat really is great for a workout. Which reminds me, better make plans to hit the gym…

So what do you think? Are you feeling this song? Do you have something else you like working out to? Comment and let’s chat!