This week, we did something a little different. Instead of a movie, we sat each other down to watch an episode of our old TV favorites. I chose Dragnet, and he chose The Three Stooges. He was nice, though, and asked me which of the episodes on the disk I wanted to see. I liked the title “Three Smart Saps”, so that’s what he put in.

I admit, I’ve only seen a few bits and pieces of this before with CP was flipping through the channels. I’ve never really understood the appeal of the whole thing. When I sat down to watch, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it or not. Lucky for me, it didn’t totally suck. 🙂

The story revolved around the Stooges getting married to three sisters. The only problem is, their dad has been locked up and they don’t want to go through with the ceremony without him. The Stooges immediately jump into action, decided they will get themselves busted so they can talk to him and find out what happened. Makes sense, right? Yeah.

They proceed to kick a cop and try to break a window in their attempts to get hauled in. Ultimately, they fail and end up sneaking into the station. There, they find out there is corruption going on, and they need to get the photographic evidence to free the father.

One of the first things that struck me while watching was how small the Stooges were. I mean, wow- I seriously had visions of the munchkins from The Wizard of Oz when they came on screen. I always thought they were much taller.

The second thing I noticed was they had a great chemistry together. They flawlessly executed their slapstick bits, showing a great talent for choreography and timing that comes from working together for so long.

Another thing I noticed? CP is right. Lucy totally took her time with them seriously. There’s a similar energy, and I can totally see her trying to dance with someone while simultaneously getting a ripped pant leg sewn. I can also see the attempt failing (as it did here), leading to all kinds of chaos. I also have to go shallow a minute and say that I love the old ’40s style. So classy- people today don’t even come close to looking that glamorous.

Overall, not a bad introduction to the world of the Stooges. I may even let CP watch it here and there. Maybe…. 🙂

So, do you like The Three Stooges? Hate em? Comment and let’s chat about, then head over to CP’s blog to see what he thought of my selection. I leave you with an improvised version of the very fitting theme- Three Blind Mice: