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I wanted to talk to you guys about another show we’ve been watching lately. Unfortunately, we ended up missing it. So, instead I am bringing you the regular Nashville and The Americans recaps. If you haven’t already seen them and want to stay spoiler-free, read no further….


This episode centered on a party with very questionable entertainment. It’s Deacon’s birthday, and Juliette has apparently decided to take his advice about treating people better. She gets Scarlett to help make sure he shows up at the Blackbird for a surprise party. Scarlett ends up having a really cute scene with Deacon, where she bribes him with a birthday cupcake and the promise of seeing her and Gunner perform.

Sadly, this party ends up pretty bad for most involved. Juliette, however, does have a funny moment where she says she never would’ve let Scarlett and Gunner perform before her had she known they were so good. Juliette ends up having to take care of her mother, who fell off the wagon after being offered a drink. Seriously? Whoever was on mom duty completely dropped the ball. If I were Juliette, they’d be so fired. She goes home to take care of her mom, and Hayden once again proves to be one of my favorite parts of the show. She is so good, especially in the scenes where she’s dealing with her mother’s addiction. Not to mention all the childhood trauma is brings up regularly.

Rayna, having had her personal business plastered all over the tabloids, decides singing at Deacon’s party is exactly what she needs. Never mind the fact she was told to lay low… I guess listening to advice isn’t her strong suit. She performs some really sad ballad that I think totally brings the party down.

Speaking of not following advice, Mr. Mayor doesn’t know how to do that any more than his soon-to-be ex. After being advised to keep his distance from the mistress, who he was involved in an embezzling scheme with, he decides to appoint her to his team.  Better yet? She’s in charge of funding for special projects. I really couldn’t make that one up.

Capping off the misery parade is poor Gunner. He follows up his awesome duet with Scarlett with a trip to the morgue. His brother was found beaten to death on the street after a fight with Gunner over having a weapon in the house.

The Americans

My new favorite show doesn’t disappoint again this week. The mission this time? The KGB needs to find out how to deal with the encryptions that are screwing things up.

The better parts of this one focused on the relationships. I love watching Phillip get all protective of Elizabeth as he is confronted with one of their occupational hazards. She seduced a guy to get information, and he got a little too rough with her. Elizabeth, however, handles it all with her trademark stoicism.

Speaking of Elizabeth… there comes a point where she had to sneak into the trunk of a guy’s car to steal a device that can help. The problem? The car was in a repair shop, and gets finished early. Elizabeth ends up being driven straight into enemy hands, but she handles it like a rock star. I almost laughed out loud as I watched her casually wave at the guard as she walked out of the parking area. Too awesome.

They continue to build on Stan’s relationship with Phillip, and a new obvious attraction between him and the KGB mole. I really don’t know what I think of that at this point. I liked the interactions between the two families, and I’d hate to see the poor wife get sent packing. Given last week, though, it could very likely happen. The only problem? The FBI moved a little too fast on the intel she gave them, so the KGB is now aware they have someone working against them. Should be interesting to see how that all plays out.

So what did you guys think of these episodes? Did you watch something else awesome this week? Comment and tell me all about it!