Okay, confession time. Remember when I said I am horribly out-of-date when it comes to movies? Well, I wasn’t kidding. I never saw Weird Science. Actually, I don’t believe I watched any of the Brat Pack movies- something I’m thinking will be remedied if CP has his way. Which he does. I mean, this is Sunday Surprise!

wsI have to admit, it was pretty entertaining. For those of you who are as movie-challenged as I am, check out the back story on wiki. May I first say, I was a huge fan of the TV version of The Dead Zone, so I was biased towards Anthony Micheal Hall going in this thing. He didn’t disappoint. In fact, my two favorite moments involved him. The first one being when Lisa takes them to a club, and Gary ends up going on a drunken rant about heartbreak. His vocal inflections were perfect! My other favorite moment is when Lisa arrives at Gary’s house to pick him up, and nearly causes his parents to have a breakdown. The look on Hall’s face was priceless. He is simultaneously living every teenage boy’s dream and nightmare.

Another thing I have to mention is…. what were they putting in the water in the ’80s? Seriously, how on earth did such a geeky-looking boy grow into such hotness? A similar phenomenon occurred with Jerry O’Connell of Stand By Me.

Ignoring the complete craziness that is the premise of this movie, it also makes a nice coming-of-age story. Gary and Wyatt are losers with no confidence, and Lisa becomes determined to make them stand up for themselves. She inspires them to take some risks that end up changing their lives. On a more superficial level, I enjoyed watching her give the older brother what he deserved. Overall, a great pick by CP! 🙂

Are you movie-challenged like me? Did you enjoy this movie? Comment below and let’s chat about it! Also, don’t forget to stop by The Bialog and see what I picked for CP to review. See y’all next time!