Good evening, everyone! I hope y’all had an awesome weekend. While Mondays in general are no fun, I do love that the week officially begins with a music feature. 🙂

Today, I want to talk about a new release from Thompson Square. It’s the first release from their second album. Here’s the official video from their Vevo account:

Lyrically, it’s not the best. The verses sound like it’s got a bunch of typical love song sentiments strewn together. Still, I love the opening line of the chorus. It just resonates with me, making me forgive everything else.

Another plus in my book is the melody of the song, not to mention the vocals. She has a sweet voice that sounds awesome when she goes into the higher registers. When they sing together, the song sounds even better.

As for the video? The visuals are great, and I love the story in it. The two Shawnas in the hospital room is great, especially when the spirit version is trying to communicate and offer comfort before her physical self wakes up.

What do guys think? Did you like the song? The video? Comment and let’s chat about it…