For my Wednesday feature about writers and books, I wanted to share this post with you guys from one of the blogs I follow. This really is such an important thing to do. You can get so much more out of your editing sessions when you’ve put some distance in between you and your work.

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

Today’s creative writing advice–one in my series of more creative writing DO’s— is easy to admit, simple to agree with, and difficult as all get out to implement:

DO create emotional distance between yourself and your work.

I honestly feel that anyone, with the time and dedication, can write a novel. Writing a good novel is something else entirely. That takes even more time, and sweat, and sometimes even tears. It requires devastating blows to your ego. The only possible way to survive those blows is to distance yourself from your creative output. Truly. Consider all the things that go into shaping a great book:

  • Cutting scenes. Cutting cutting cutting. Scenes you spent weeks working on and worrying about. Scenes you LOVE. Scenes are that honestly well written and that you’re proud of. Scenes you’d like to show off, because they say something you or about life you…

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