So, I am once again forced to admit my cinema-challenged nature by revealing something inconceivable– I have never seen The Princess Bride. Despite featuring one of my TV crushes of ’80s, I never got around to it. CP Bialois, on the other hand, loves it. For some odd reason, he never had it in his collection. It looked like his plan to get me to watch it might never come to be…

Enter Falcon Storm and his EP Street Team giveaway. He had three separate prizes, each one guarded by one of his and Emlyn Chand’s dogs. CP jumped at the chance to enter and managed to win the movie, freeing it from the fierce clutches of the mighty Kentucky Derby. It was then handed over to our Mighty Munchkin for safe-keeping until CP was ready to have me watch it.

Sootie The Guardian

So, what did I think of it? It was way more entertaining than I’d been led to believe by another Street Teamer. The three villains who kidnapped Buttercup are my favorites. Especially Wallace Shawn’s character, Vizzini. I think his best moment was the battle of wits with the mysterious man in black. Much like The Never Ending Story, the main action of the movie is a tale being read by another character.

The action sequences were great, and the acting was enjoyable. I think another great part of the movie was the real-world parts with Fred Savage being read the story. I see in retrospect that Savage was just as good an actor as I remembered from The Wonder Years. His growing excitement about the story was done perfectly, as was the look he gave his mother when Grandpa pinched his cheek. Overall, an awesome pick that kept me entertained and rooting for good to triumph over evil.

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