I love reading author playlists! For Music Monday, check out some of the songs Michelle Cornwell-Jordan listened to while writing Tourmentin.


Hey guys:) I am changing it up today a little, Indiewritersreview’s Music Monday will return next week…today…

Well, I just wanted to let you know that my newest novella has been officially released, its called Tourmentin and it is my first foray in writing for the New Adult genre, so hope you will go check it out:)

Below are a few deets and some big thank-you’s to the great folks who helped with Tourmentin so check it out!

So take a look, and please check out Music Monday next week:O)

Special Thanks to goddess/god of Editing:) Authors: JamieBMusings and CP Bialois

Beta/Copy Editor AuthorEmma Meade (YOU ROCK!)

and Big thanks to Author Ronda Caudill ( Beta Reader) and shared her thoughts at  Rondas Book Reviews


By Michelle Cornwell-Jordan

New Adult (18+)

Published March 16th 2013

Thanks to the Amazing NextArtist.com for the awesome cover design


Emile and Serafine…

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