It’s TV day, and I am sad to say I will not be able to discuss Nashville again. It seems to be in repeat purgatory right now, and tonight’s a repeat as well! That means, I’ll be bringing you thoughts on the last two episodes of The Americans. If you don’t want to be spoiled, I wouldn’t go beyond this point…

So, shit just got real. The Russians know there is a mole in their midst, and they are doing their best to expose the guilty party before they can do too much damage. The episode opens with Phillip and Elizabeth doing what they do best: balancing home and their secret spy duties. Elizabeth is going to drop the kids off at the mall, while Phillip is planning to meet his unwitting source (Martha) to get more information. Just as he’s talked her into staying home a little later to see him, he ends up getting kidnapped by a group who seems to know everything about him. Later on, we see Elizabeth has been grabbed by the same people, leaving the kids to find their own way home.

This is where the action really gets going. Phillip is being tortured to make him admit who he really is, but he stands strong and refuses to say a thing. Meanwhile, Elizabeth ends up telling their captors that Phillip likes America just a little too much. Once it’s revealed this was a KGB operation to try and determine if they were moles, Elizabeth gets furious. She has been completely loyal to her people and feels betrayed by what Russia’s done. So much so, she nearly kills Claudia over it. I might add that CP saw that and said in the real world, Elizabeth and Phillip would be dead agents walking. There is no way they’d get away with attacking their superiors.

Phillip meanwhile, is angry with Elizabeth over what she said about him liking America too much. He insists that he “fit in”, unlike the more stoic Elizabeth. This leads to a lot of tension between the two, just when they were starting to get closer.

While they’re dealing with all that, Paige decides to take charge when Elizabeth fails to pick them up. She forces her brother to walk with her, and then proceeds to hitchhike. Watching that just cemented how different times are now, versus the world the Jennings family lives in. No one in their right mind would even consider doing something like that now. The kids end up showing why it’s such a terrible idea when they end up with a guy who likes to drink and keeps a knife in his pocket. Henry proves to be the smarter of the two, and fights getting in the car with the guy to start with. As soon as he notices the knife, he grabs a bottle of the man’s beer and bashes him over the head with it from behind, allowing them the opportunity to run away.

The kids agree to say nothing about what they did, while their parents purposefully wreck the family car to have a viable excuse for why they were a no-show and sporting fresh injuries.

As for the KGB/FBI dance, Nina is terrified of getting caught now that her bosses are aware of a mole and begs for protection. She’s given a camera and ordered to get certain things on film. Once she’s done that, it’s arranged to make her unwilling informant look like the guilty party. I like the idea, but I wonder how long that will work. I also don’t like the growing closeness between the two. She’s an informant, and he’s married. Go back home, FBI. Yes, I refuse to mention him by name now. Especially after the follow-up episode.

Speaking of which, Elizabeth and Claudia have it out briefly at the park when meeting over a mission. Elizabeth is still angry about what the KGB did and informs Claudia “I’m sorry I didn’t kill you.” Later, she and the kids go over to the neighbors for dinner. While there, FBI calls to cancel because he’s too busy sleeping with his informant. His wife is clearly unhappy, as is their son. He storms off to play a game, while the Jennings kids follow. The two women drink and talk about how tough marriage is. Elizabeth seems a bit surprised to find out that Sandra is jealous of the relationship between her and Phillip. If Sandra only knew…

So what is Phillip doing during all this? Going on a mission to discredit a critic of the Soviet government under the guise of a business trip. He ends up working with his ex on the mission, another deep cover agent for the KGB. She gets cozy with their target and, through a staged mugging and spiked drink, makes it appear she was raped. She and Phillip seems to get a little too close at one point, and she reveals she has a son that belongs to him. Not only that, she wants him to defect with her. He looks like he is tempted by her idea, but ultimately chooses to tell her no. Instead, he goes home to Elizabeth, and it looks like the Jennings may just patch things up. I really hope they stay that way… they make an awesome team, and the chemistry between the actors is great.

So, what did you think of the latest episodes? Are you excited for tonight’s installment? Not feeling the latest plots? Comment so we can chat about it! 🙂 I leave you with the official recap video from the Facebook page.