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Okay, I know this is technically not a throwback. The copyright on this version is only about 7 years old. Still, when I share a video, I prefer using one that comes from an official page. Plus, the artist gets bonus points for including the original singer in the video…

I remember hearing this song a lot on the radio when I was a kid. The lyrics are perfect for a music geek like me, especially since I do use music a lot to help me through bad moods and other things. The song tells that exact story, as the narrator is soothed and made stronger by the melody of the song.

The video is perfect, with lots of soothing imagery and interesting camera work. The best part, though, is at the 2 minute mark. Mr. Dobie Gray appears on a stage with Uncle Kracker, singing by himself and providing back-up vocals.

So what do you think? Did you love this version? Are you more a fan of the original? Comment and let’s chat about it! Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for all kinds of great stuff from Darby Davenport. I will also be reviewing her debut novella, Walk Away With Me. See you then!