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Before I get to my weekly thoughts on The Americans, I want to talk a bit about The Voice. Shakira and Usher debuted last night, fighting it out with the veterans for fresh talent.

I have to say that I am SO on board with Shakira and Usher sticking around past this season. I’m still not a huge fan of Usher, but he did well–except for his little ‘Nashville is a state’ mishap–and more than held his own on that stage. Shakira was feisty and fun, cementing her place as my second favorite judge. I loved when she played it cool for one contestant and admitted to doing in on purpose because “then you turn around too and make my life miserable.” Blake was also in top form, landing the very first contestant to perform. I also enjoyed Adam Levine threatening to claw every judge’s face until a contestant realized that he is their coach.

As for the talent? It was great, with a few exceptions. I especially loved these three:

These twins started the show off strong, delivering a version of Falling that had all the judges fighting over them…

This girl put Taylor Swift to shame with her version of “Mean”. I am so glad she chose to go with Blake… I think he’ll be really good for her. The amazing thing? It was her first big perfomance!

Finally, my favorite of the guys. His version of a Whitney song was mind-blowing. He hit the high notes perfectly:

Now on to The Americans:

This week, the KGB orders the Jenningses to stop one of their own assassins when they change their mind about killing American scientists. Not only that, Phillip and Elizabeth stage an attack on one to get the FBI on high alert so said scientists would be placed under protection.

The new-found happiness between Phillip and Elizabeth is short-lived when Elizabeth finds out Phillip slept with his ex during the last episode. This causes Elizabeth to think Claudia may be right–it’s better not to think of the marriage as real. Of course, Phillip isn’t feeling the same way. These two really need to get on–and stay on–the same page!

Elsewhere, Agent Adulterer convinces the higher-ups to get him a safe house for Nina. They, of course, promptly begin using this safe house for things other than what it was intended for.

Overall, it wasn’t a bad episode that set up some things for the future: will Phillip and Elizabeth get a divorce? How is Martha’s ex turning creepy stalker on her going to affect Phillip’s information gathering? I’m looking forward to finding out.

Who was your favorite on The Voice? Are you enjoying the new coaches? What do you think is going to happen next on The Americans? Comment and let’s chat about it!