Wow. What can I really say about the contestant this week? There were so many awesome people, I am having a hard time picking favorites. I also can’t say about about the new coaches–they bring such a great energy to the show. It’s hard to believe this is the first two weeks of the auditions as they are so comfortable together.

I loved how hard the two new coaches fight to win people over, and Adam’s quest to steal a country musician from Blake was entertaining. One girl in particular had all the coaches coming out swinging because when they turned around, they saw she was wearing cowboy boots:

One of my personal favorite performances landed a contestant on Team Usher. Considering her song choice, that was a no-brainer:

Another no-brainer choice came in the form of a former child performer for a show on one of the spanish networks–she even had a picture of herself with Shakira from one of the singer’s tours:

Finally… there was the moment that Adam had been waiting for. He managed to steal this awesome contestant from Blake at the end of the show:

If there was one issue I had with the episode, it was the inclusion of Julie Roberts. For those of you who may not have heard of her, she is a country artists who had two albums out. She has also recently been working on a movie about the struggles she’s faced in her life. I felt that, first off, it was against the spirit of discovering new talent to include a Gold Record-selling entertainer. Plus, I felt a bit awkward seeing no chairs turn around for her at the end–not that I disagree with the fact it didn’t happen. I love Julie, but I think she needs a little more time and preparation before embarking on something so high-profile. Let’s hope Blake will step up and help her get back to where she was. I’m rooting for her.