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I was trying to figure out what to post today when CP and I started randomly talking about different groups and how some of them are more than any one member, while others would never function without the lead singer.

That, of course, made the ’80s geek within think about Bon Jovi. While the band is great as a unit, Jon is the one has been reasonably successful as both a solo artist and an actor. One of my favorite things he’s done is Destination Anywhere, his late ’90s solo album. Here’s one of my favorite tracks:

I think what I liked most about this song–and the album in general–is that it feels different than the Bon Jovi songs. If I didn’t know this album, you could play me almost any track and I would never confuse it with part of the band’s discography.

What do you think? Are you a fan of this album? Prefer the band’s material? Comment and let’s talk about it!