Congrats to Aubrie on her new release. 🙂 I loved the synopsis in here and her story about her most embarrassing musical moment. Anyone have an embarrassing musical–or other kind–moment? Comment and let’s talk about it! 🙂

Sarah Ballance

Aubrie Dionne: My Most Embarrassing Musical Moment

Playing the Maestro starts out with Melody’s most embarrassing musical moment, and something I’ve always feared- not having your music on the first day of rehearsal. In fact, sometimes I check to make sure I have my music two or three times before I leave the house! In Playing the Maestro, the violinist, A.K.A. Melody’s ex claims he sent her the music and she lost it. See- he has a sister who wants Melody’s principal chair. So, what do you think really happened?

My most embarrassing moment was at a musical festival in high school. I was first chair in an All New England Band, and I had this solo in the middle of a piece after a whole bunch of measures of rest. I’m not sure what happened, because I’m usually a good counter- I use my fingers just to make…

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