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It’s that time again! CP and I have been busy today watching our picks for the Sunday Surprise. If you haven’t seen one of these posts yet, CP and I pick something for each other every week to review on Sundays. This time, CP chose to have me watch John Candy’s final movie:

wagons east

The film centers around a group of people in the 1800s who have decided life in the Wild West is not for them. They want to return home, so they hire a wagon master named James Harlow (John Candy) to lead the way.

What would a film like this be if there weren’t complications? These come on the form of angry railroad owners and the US Calvary, who don’t want the new frontier to get a bad name once word of the group’s defection gets out.

This isn’t your typically laugh-out-loud comedy, although there are several cute moments that made me smile. Still, the acting was great and I liked the premise behind it. You always hear about the brave settlers who conquered the unknown wild, but you never hear about those who surely found that the rough lifestyle wasn’t for them. I particularly enjoyed what CP informed me was the last scene Candy ever filmed- he did a great job with it and I can’t help but wonder if he could’ve transitioned to dramatic roles like Jim Carey.

So what did CP watch this week? Stop by The Bialog to find out. 🙂 Also, be sure to comment and let us know what you thought of our picks and the reviews!