Sunday Surprise is taking a break this week as we finish up getting “Stranger Passing” ready to go. I thought I thought share my article on Social Media and the FWA today. Thanks for letting me take over for the day!

Florida Writers Conference Blog

by Jamie White

“Writers Helping Writers” is what FWA stands for, and social media is a great place to put that motto into action. Like it or hate it, social media is a crucial part of being an author, and many writers are not using it—or using it effectively.

Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, not only help writers sell books, they’re great for sharing important information and building a valuable support system. From articles on how to market your books, to tips on how to “show, not tell,” and late-breaking news on changes in the e-publishing world, social media keeps a writer connected and informed.

So how do you use social media most effectively? The way I see it, there are two big rules to connecting effectively on your own profiles, as well as within FWA social networks:

Rule #1? Don’t spam. I have seen more than one group…

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