Lady Antebellum just released a lyric video for their new single, “Goodbye Town”. I thought this song was especially appropriate today, given that CP just released his novella, Stranger Passing.

The story features a young halfling who is feeling the urge to wander and seek adventure, while a brave ranger and Eron’s mother both deal with past pain. In the song, I get a similar vibe. The song details someone the pain someone feels after the one they love leaves. Everything there reminds him of his lost love, and he wants nothing more than to leave the place behind.

As much as “Downtown” is growing on me, I think this song is far better. I’m enjoying right away without a funny official music video to make me like the song more. Charles’ vocals are, as usual, great as he takes the lead for this one. The music and melody fits well with the nostalgic vibe of the lyrics. What do you think? Did you enjoy it? Comment and let’s chat about it!