Since I have been in a writing abyss today in an attempt to wrap up “Stains” 2, I didn’t have much time to get a post done recapping the Americans. Instead, I offer you this review by a fellow blogger.

I must say this much: I really enjoyed the emotional aspects on this episode, and the woman who plays Stan’s wife is amazing. I loved her fight scene with him. What did you think? Comment and let’s talk about it! And don’t forget to show this awesome blogger some love…

Room Eleven

While the last two episodes gave Stan the opportunity to go on a hell-bent search and destroy mission, this week has Elizabeth at the helm. Unfortunately I think the same problems that plagued Safe House also take root here. Namely, the shoehorning of flashbacks in an episode where the character in those flashbacks dies in order to foster more of an emotional relationship to him (I’ll save the spoiler until after the break so you won’t accidentally see). I have a lot of questions coming from this episode. Hopefully you’ll be able to help me a little Buckeye.

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