Working on some writing and will be getting to a Voice wrap-up, but I wanted to share this Dr. Who post I found. This show is awesome, blogger chose some excellent quotes!

Stay tuned, because I’ll be posting a Dr. Who post this week about problems in whovianville. 🙂


This post is entirely dedicated to Doctor Who. Sorry I’m not sorry at all. Should be pretty entertaining for those of you who have no idea what I obsess over & really depressing for those of you who obsess just like me.

WELL, the BBC dropped a huge bomb on us whovians last night regarding this upcoming season. Let me back up in case there are people here reading this that have never watched the show. Doctor Who is a sci-fi that airs on the BBC network. The Doctor time travels and generally always has a companion. Well, the Doctor regenerations and doesn’t keep the same physical identity (so different actors come in and play the roll, if you didn’t catch on to that). Fast forward to yesterday when it was announced Matt Smith is stepping down from the role this Christmas. CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!

That means he will be in the…

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