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Despite being hugely into Pop Culture, I am strangely sheltered at the same time. You already know from my Sunday Surprise posts that there is an embarrassingly long list of movies I have no yet seen. The same goes, to an extent, for television.

Enter CP Bialois. He usually gets me to view things outside of my normal comfort zone, something I still fight on occasion. One of his more recent missions was to convert me to Family Guy. We manage to watch this one at least once a day, thanks to many networks playing them at different times.

After watching a couple of episodes in particular, I was inspired to compile some of my all-time favorite moments on the show. Follow the cut to see if you agree with my choices and feel free to share your own! Can’t wait to hear what yours are, too.

BeforeI get to my faves, here is a little bonus clip from the official FOX youtube page:

5) Lois and the Halloween shakedown. Lois has gone into mama bear mode quite a few times over the years. When there’s a problem on Halloween, she storms over to the offending person’s house and demands retribution, mob-style. Not only does she make the woman give her all the candy she has, but she demands money as well. When the woman tells her she doesn’t have it, Lois tells her that’s alright– she’ll be back the next day to collect double the original amount.

4) Stewie and Brian travel through dimensions. These two characters together are gold, and lead to some of the only times I can stand Brian. In this one, the two characters use Stewie’s new invention to travel to alternate universes, one of which being a world where Dogs are the rulers and people are the pets. I loved Brian’s reaction to it and how he does everything possible to stay there.

3) Seth Green Vs. Seth MacFarlane. This one comes from one of the movies that spoofed Star Wars. After several scenes that took shots at Seth Green (who voices Chris Griffin), the episode ends with the family watching TV. This leads to a nice debate in which Chris and the others gang up on Peter, a Seth MacFarlane fan.

2) Quagmire Tells off Brian. Any fan knows that these two do not have the best relationship. I mean, Brian slept with his dad and stole Cheryl Tiegs from him. Most of what I have seen of Quagmire has portrayed him as a sex-crazed jerk with little respect for women (or himself). Still, this one shows what a great friend he really is when he calls Brian out for the way he treats everyone (especially Peter). If I could have this episode (and #1) on a loop, I would. Have to get the DVDs first… lol

1) Meg goes postal. This is, by far, the single best thing Family Guy has ever done. After years of being ganged-up on by the family, Meg finally snaps and stands up for herself. This was so overdue, I can’t even begin to say it. Her comments about Peter and Lois were dead on.