Whether you are a writer, blogger, or have some other venture going on, this is a nice post about setting a routine and changing it when it doesn’t work for you anymore.

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

1224529_hourglassThis post is for writers and bloggers, especially those who are, like me, in a slump of sorts.

I have decided I need to shake up my work and writing routine considerably. This is a result of an unproductive and frustrating week last week: apparently, judging by the blogs I follow, it seems like some horrible virus was floating through the WordPress ether.

Anyways, my general mode of attack has been to handle job hunting in the morning and to write a blog post and work on my writer’s handbook in the afternoon.

The problem: I am a morning person. My creativity, energy, and drive peak in the morning and lately have been nonexistent after lunch. It’s a problem.

I always used to write in the mornings, first thing. When I had to teach in the mornings and be at work, I got up early and wrote before work. That…

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