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Dance Ya’ll Crew Perform with Big Kenny and Electro Shine on O Music Awards

     Nashville, TN – (June 26, 2013) The Dance Y’all Country Crew recently performed with Electro Shine, Big Kenny’s new dance music project, on the “O Music Awards.”
The “O Music Awards” (Online Music Awards) were broadcast for 24hours consecutively starting on June 19thacross all online Viacom outlets including; VH1.commtv.com and cmt.com among others.
The Dance Y’all Country Crew, Crishon Landers, Jessi Peralta, Curtis Grecco, and Lakelyn Foutch, performed to “Dance Upon The Solid Ground” and “Electro Country Shine,” two tracks from Electro Shine’s latest EP with a sound that mixes Country sensibilities and instrumentation with Electronic Dance Music.  Catch their performance to “Dance Upon the Solid Ground” here  and “Electro Country Shine” here.
Dance Yall and Big Kenny
“The lines between music genres are increasingly blurry in the “iPod” generation, and Electro Shine is a perfect example,” says Dance Y’all EVP, David Vaughan.” So, whether it’s traditional Country, Pop Country, or CDM [the country version of EDM], if you can dance to it, we’ll be there to lead the charge.”
Dance Y’all was founded in 2011 by veteran television producers James M. Rink and R.A. Clark. The spirit of the Dance Y’all brand embodies Fun, Hope, People and Excellence. Providing an opportunity for people to let loose and have fun is what dance movements have always been about.  Dance Y’all is here to usher in the next movement and bring dancing back to Country fans in a bold new way.